Multi-Check & Inspection

The Wilson Transmission Multi-Check consists of fluid check, roadtests, lift inspection/diagnosis, and pan examination. This provides a complete diagnosis of your transmission’s performance and general operation. In addition, several of these procedures will be performed twice: once by the Center manager, and then again by a member of his technical staff. This method allows double checking of your transmission’s key systems, while providing you with added assurance.



Fluid Check

Although it is the simplest test to perform, the fluid check may indicate the first sign of possible wear and damage. A transmission in good condition will have a clear, red fluid. If your fluid is discoloured or has an unpleasant odor, this may be an indication of internal wear and damage which is occurring as your drive your vehicle. An unpleasant odor and discoloration, in combination with other symptoms, may require an internal inspection of your transmission.

Road Test

The road test consists of two segments, a stationary test and driving test, which together comprise the most detailed portion of the Multi-Check. Every position of your transmission will be thoroughly tested for slipping, noises, harsh, soft or erratic shifting, as well as late or early shift patterns.

Lift Inspection

During the lift inspection/diagnosis our technical personnel will check the following:

  1. Neutral Switch
  2. Engine RPM
  3. Throttle Linkage
  4. Manual Linkage
  5. Modulator Vacuum
  6. Modulator
  7. Transmission Mounts
  8. U-Joints
  9. Fluid Retention
  10. Electronic Controls

This will determine if a minor adjustment will correct the problem with your transmission.

Pan Examination

The pan examination is the most important part of the Wilson Transmission Multi-Check. It provides the Center Manager, technical personnel, and you a partial look inside your transmission.

In all pans, there are some metal particles and friction material present. However, an excessive amount indicates internal wear and damage. If that is the case, and it is determined that a minor adjustment will not correct the problem, we will recommend Wilson Transmission’s Inspection Service. This service will determine exactly what is wrong inside your transmission and exactly what is will cost to correct the problem.

Inspection Service

Your transmission is one of the most complex systems in your vehicle with hundreds of precision parts operating together. Determining the exact problem and giving you an exact price requires removing, dismantling your transmission and performing an inspection of all the parts inside. We will then be able to tell you not only what is wrong, but also show you why it’s worn and damaged, and give you some background in determining the cause. Should your vehicle require and inspection service, there will be a labour charge that your Wilson Transmission manager will review with you.