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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does your car have a standard transmission?

Is your standard transmission getting cranky and hard to shift? Does it shudder with anticipation when you
change gears?

Look under your car. If you've got a pink or reddish puddle, you could have leaking transmission fluid, and
that's a problem.

What's your car's transmission fluid supposed to look like?

Did you know there are two dipsticks under your car's hood?

Why do they call it transmission fluid and not oil?

What are the two most common types of automatic transmissions?

So if automatic transmissions are basically sealed hydraulic units, why service them at all?

What is basic transmission service?

What should you look out for?

What colour is normal automatic transmission fluid?

How do I determine internal wear?

When should the filter be changed?

What is the importance of automatic transmission fluid?

When should I change the transmission fluid?